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Scholar Studies for Non-Students

Purpose of library scholar studies

Scholar studies are primarily for undergraduate students working on honors and capstone projects who will benefit from extended, concentrated work and study in a quiet, secure, and private location. Up to four (10% of total) scholar studies may be assigned to non-students in order to meet specific college needs and priorities.

They are generally intended for those making extensive use of library resources or who are working on a book or other extensive research project. Occupants are expected to make active use of their scholar study and not use it primarily for storage.

Priority for assignments

Scholar studies assignments are based on the status of the applicant, the nature of the intended use, and the length and frequency of previous scholar study assignments. Priority is given to applicants in the following order:

  • Current faculty on research leave or sabbatical who do not have an office on campus
  • Retired faculty working on a book/research project who do not have an office or other suitable work space
  • Shansi visiting scholars
  • Affiliate scholars

Applicants who have not had a scholar study previously receive first priority within each priority category. If the number of applicants who previously have had a scholar study exceeds the number of available scholar studies, priority is given to those whose last scholar study assignment is least recent. If the number of applicants with equal priority exceeds the number of available scholar studies, applicants are selected by lottery.

Applicants are not guaranteed a scholar study. A wait list will be maintained in the event a scholar study becomes available. Study carrels and lockers are available for applicants who do not get a scholar study.

Length of assignment

Assignments are made for up to one year; occupancy starts on the first day of fall semester classes and ends on the first day of the following year’s new student orientation. Extensions are made only under special circumstances for one semester beyond the initial year. Should an applicant need a scholar study for less than a year, exact occupancy dates will be negotiated with the library; applicants on the waitlist may be offered the remaining time.

Additional scholar studies are generally available for assignment during the summer. Summer availability may be reduced when construction projects require the temporary relocation of a large number of employees. Occupancy starts no earlier than the Monday following Commencement and ends no later than the first day of new student orientation.

Occupants are expected to vacate their scholar study promptly when their assigned term ends.

How to apply

Click here for application

Applications may be submitted at any time. Applicants are advised to submit their application as soon as they learn they may want a scholar study, and no later than May 31.

Assignments for occupancy during the academic year are made by the last week of July for the coming year and require endorsement by a Dean or Department Head.

Assignments for summer scholar study use are made on a first-come, first-served basis starting on May 1; the requirement for endorsement by a Dean or Department Head is waived.

Applications may be submitted to Bill Ruth, Facilities and Operations Assistant, Terrell Main Library, Mudd 118.


The Director of Libraries may make exceptions to this policy as deemed appropriate.

Date endorsed by Library Council: 6/6/2018
Date approved by Director of Libraries: 11/07/2018
Effective date: 11/22/2018