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Mary Church Terrell Main Library
148 W College St. Oberlin, OH 44074-1545


The main visitor lot is the east Service Building lot, and the south row of the Carnegie Building lot for visitors to offices within that building.

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Rules for Assigned Carrels

All library materials left in the carrel must be checked out, including material from branch libraries.

Bring the materials you wish to leave in your carrel to the circulation desk for checkout and inform the desk attendant that you intend to leave the items in your carrel. They will not desensitize the materials, to deter others from leaving the library with materials checked out to you.

To take a book from your carrel out of the library, bring the book and your ID to the circulation desk for desensitizing.

You may leave other materials, such as personal books or books you’ve borrowed through OhioLINK or ILL, in your carrel but the library cannot guarantee their security. You are responsible for all books checked out to you, and may be charged replacement fees for books lost from your carrel.

Library staff regularly check carrels for materials that are not checked out. If an item is repeatedly found without having been checked out, it will be removed from the carrel and reshelved. Library staff will not remove non-Oberlin owned library materials from assigned (checked out) carrels.

Assignees have first claim to their carrels, although assignment does not bar the temporary use of a carrel by others.

Occasional users must respect the privacy of materials left there by the person to whom the carrel is assigned, as well as the claim of the assignee to its regular use.

Food and Drink Policy

Please refer to the food/drink policy for the complete expectations. Food and drink found in carrels may be removed without notice.


Watch your belongings! Please do not leave personal items unattended in your carrel. Purses, wallets, book bags, computers, and other valuables can be at risk, even for just a few minutes.

Carrels are assigned in anticipation of steady use

If you find you are not using the carrel, please inform the circulation desk so that someone else may check it out.

Interior decoration

If assignees wish to decorate the carrel with personal materials they should be sure it does not interfere with the use of the carrel by others and is not on the exterior of the carrel. Materials left on the floor are usually mistaken for trash. Please keep the carrel tidy.

It is the responsibility of the assignee to clear the carrel of all materials at the end of the year.

Users will be notified by email of the date by which carrels must be cleared. After that date, all materials, including personal items, will be removed. Library materials will be returned to circulation and personal items will be placed in lost and found.

Alert the circulation desk to problems

Users are urged to notify the staff about problems with lighting, noise, inappropriate behavior, or other building concerns.